We're driving cadillacs in our dreams

“Make it happen. Shock everyone.”

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I need money , I need to buy stuff I always wanted, I have kept aside my likings and my lust lists aside all my life, not that my parents couldnt afford it but I just didnt want to burden them unnecessarily . I dont like taking money from them . I need my clothes shoes and bags . I need new phones and scarves. I need everything I have ever wanted that leather jacked and that maxi dress. I need that lambskin bag and silk scarf .I need that new phone and amazing pair of boots and I need new clothes. I need to feel pretty on the outside. I have always been expensive. I need everything now. GET ME A JOB SOMEBODY, OR WIN ME A LOTTERY !

“Either Im fat or I am not, I think I am :’/ saying that I am not wont change anything.”

Ask me whatever you want to know. Talk to me. Talk to me because I want to talk to each one of you . Ask me whatever you want . Click on my ask !

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“I won’t beg someone to love me. I learned long ago that there is no use in hopeless pleas of trying to make someone stay. I am too good to chase someone who does not know my worth and I am too wild to keep waiting for someone who doesn’t acknowledge my value. I want to be loved unconditionally. I shouldn’t have to fight so hard for it. I do not have the time to prove to someone that I am worth it. I shouldn’t have to prove any of that; I am worth more than that.”

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“Please dont talk about going away , my attachment is under control and everything . And we are never really going to go away, we will stay frienda we’l still meet up once a while we’ll still talk and stuff so dont talk about going away its not like we’re going to never see each other again . Live the happy times with me and create beautiful memories.♥”

“i know you are reading each of these posts.
oh my god!
i really like talking to you .
yes this is the last for today .
k ?
listen to those songs and go sleep !”

“you are my sunshine and my moonlight .”

I have good days and bad days, mostly good but the bad ones make me wonder if im good enough .
( on the left )

I have good days and bad days, mostly good but the bad ones make me wonder if im good enough .
( on the left )

“Change your clothes, change your hair, change your shoes, change yourself, change your habbits, change yourself ! I might just be another person when I wake up tommorrow , but I can never change my heart .”

“Why should I even go to college, its a sad place .”

“Nineteen things I’ve learned before I turned nineteen.
1. Always carry $5 and a lighter with you (even if you don’t smoke).
2. Ask every person you meet how their day is going. Genuinely ask with the soul intention of learning how their day is. Ask the coffee shop employee. Ask the person next to you in line at Walmart. Ask your distant friend. Ask everyone.
3. Take many photos of yourself. Take photos of yourself when you’re happy. Take photos of yourself when you’re sad. Take photos of yourself because there are millions of trees in the world, and we all look at the same sky, but there is only one of you.
4. Stay in contact with your parents. Try not to hate them. They are the reason you have the ability to feel anything at all. Try not to hate your parents.
5. Opening your skin will not set your demons free. Open your heart. Open your mind. Open your hands.
6. Nobody knows anybody completely. That’s okay.
7. Be gentle, but be aggressive. Take a stand. Nobody hears your voice if you stay silent.
8. Respect everybody. We are all humans trying to survive. We all deserve respect.
9. Wearing black will ALWAYS make you feel better about yourself.
10. Always give tips, whether it be a couple extra dollars or a piece of mind. You never know how much you could be helping someone.
11. Change is the only thing consistent in life. Do not allow that bother you. Embrace chance and move with life, whichever direction it chooses to take you.
12. Smile often. Smile at strangers. Smile at your friends. Smile when nobody is looking and you’re alone in your bedroom. Smile when somebody is rambling to you.
13. Body image means nothing. Your body is merely just a seatbelt in the car. Your body is here to protect you. You choose the direction you go, and your body will not hold you back. Only you can hold yourself back.
14. Don’t hold grudges. Don’t allow yourself to hate anybody. Forgive them. Learn to love them for the person you never got to see them to be. Believe that a beautiful human exists in that person. Wish them well.
15. Drink orange juice. Lot’s of it.
16. Don’t allow the opinions of others to choose your destiny. We are all simply trying to live our own life.
17. Sing all the time. Sing off key. Sing in a silly voice. Sing like you’re on stage. Sing no matter who is around. Singing is breathing for the soul. Sing.
18. Take time to think. Write your feelings down. Write letters to the people you love. Texting is overrated and not as heartfelt as a nice handwritten letter.
19. Live for yourself. Breathe for yourself. Do everything in your life for nobody but you. This is your life. This is it.”

– (via helpfvl)

1. Waking up in the morning will sometimes be the hardest thing you do all day. Wake up anyways

2. Just because someone is sad it does not mean it is your fault, people are people, we all have different emotions, comfort them, don’t blame yourself

3. It is okay to want to be held, to want to have a shoulder to cry on, no one should ever be alone

4. It’s your life, if you want to pack up and move to another country, do it, no one can stop you.

5. Come home when you’ve found yourself in the faraway places

6. Home is not always a house, or a place. Home is simply where you feel safe

7. Everyone has their own story to tell, do not judge a book by its cover

8. No one can save you, only you can save you. You will drag everyone you love down with you if you keep expecting a miracle, start with a smile, maybe a laugh, you can do it, you can save yourself

9. Don’t wake up at 5am just to see the cold hazy blue before sunrise, it will confuse you, it will make you think you’re not real. go back to sleep, wake up when the sun is on your face, smile, stretch, try

10. Never scream at yourself in the mirror, it won’t help, stare longer, look a little closer, find something on your skin you like, whether it’s a scar a vein or a freckle, the smallest things mean the most

11. Don’t rival yourself against the one you love, you will no longer be companions but enemies, it will not work, you will be heartbroken

12. If someone loves you they won’t care about your morning breath, they’ll kiss you goodmorning anyways

13. Never spend the night in a hospital if you can avoid it, you will not sleep, you will stare at empty walls until the sun comes up

14. Take pictures of everything that looks pleasing to you, because you might never see it again

15. Don’t lose hope, in anything, ever, things will be okay in the end, I promise

16. There is someone out there who is looking to meet someone just like you

17. You will be okay

– 17 things I’ve learned at 17// C.C (via latttte)