We're driving cadillacs in our dreams

hey , my name is sushmita. 18 years old . indian . economics student. 

 i was a perfectly happy person before i met this guy who became m bestfriend. with time we became so close that we nearly fell in love, and he thought i was so enchanting that he and i would be really good together . he did everything for me. picked me up, opened doors for me. took me out for lunches.treated me really amazing-ly. if that is even a word. he was like a dream . but then i made mistakes. made more mistakes. he pointed out once. he pointed out again . and again and again. and it went on forever. 

he said things that hurt. no one had ever been so harsh at me .he said he saw potential in me . and thought i could be the best ? ohkay ! well i was happy being the girl i was but okay . i tried changing. the happy girl started crying everyday . right now there are tears running down my cheeks. every time i recall those things whatever he said about me .it hurts me from inside. or should i say it kills me! he says im not like the other girls . he says im different. i believed i was happy. rest didnt matter .now every time i stepped out of the house i have to think for a few moments, will he like what im wearing ? will he compare me with others ?, will he say the hurtful things again ? will i get better? will we be as we were a few months ago ? and then i take a deep breath and i step out . you know ? once i see him i get all smiles. and im happy. he makes me happy. but its not the other way round i guess.. he says i ruined his life sometimes when he is angry . i dont know he loves me but he says all that anyway . am i really that bad ?? am i really not good enough? am i not ENOUGH ? i just wanna sleep and never go back again .and be happy ! he is a nice person though ! he means so much to me<3

No matter how much we fight , we always end up together #webrokeuponthisday . #bestfriend #bestestboy&#160;! #muchlove

No matter how much we fight , we always end up together #webrokeuponthisday . #bestfriend #bestestboy ! #muchlove

Can I ever be perfect? He says he like south asians and parisians’ the way they dress and everything. He says I have the potential . He says if I get there maybe we could be together . He says if I get there I might be perfect. Can I ever be perfect?

“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.”

– Robin Williams (via booksquoteslove)

oh my god , I am going to sleep untill the end of this month, I feel like I have to do so much but dont have the energy to do so .

“Make it happen. Shock everyone.”

– (via notimeforprocrastination)

I need money , I need to buy stuff I always wanted, I have kept aside my likings and my lust lists aside all my life, not that my parents couldnt afford it but I just didnt want to burden them unnecessarily . I dont like taking money from them . I need my clothes shoes and bags . I need new phones and scarves. I need everything I have ever wanted that leather jacked and that maxi dress. I need that lambskin bag and silk scarf .I need that new phone and amazing pair of boots and I need new clothes. I need to feel pretty on the outside. I have always been expensive. I need everything now. GET ME A JOB SOMEBODY, OR WIN ME A LOTTERY !

“Either Im fat or I am not, I think I am :’/ saying that I am not wont change anything.”

Ask me whatever you want to know. Talk to me. Talk to me because I want to talk to each one of you . Ask me whatever you want . Click on my ask !